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Hey all, we're happy to bring you our next big EP! Out May 18th (today), it's from New York City's own Proper Villains, it's filled with awesome and there's a a video!

Plus we also added some info about some special Nightshifters events we have coming up across Europe! Checky checky:

Proper Villains “Big Top” Nightshifters NS016

Over a year in the making, Nightshifters is proud to release a massive new EP by New York City’s own Proper Villains! “Big Top” is about as big as you can go, complete with swervey bass, air horns galore, ghetto claps and even some of that most coveted of rave resources – the piano breakdown! Yes, this is perfect for the festival season and if this don't get those filthy ravers going, then nothing will.

The title track, “Big Top”, is a rolling bass-house masterpiece with massive undulating bass under horn stabs and wait -is that Ozzy? “Music Takes Me Up” keeps the rave going with an uplifting synth-line that lifts the roof right off the club. But it’s the track “Rave Juice” that will surly give you flashbacks of them old-school piano vibes all the way. We round out the release with “Sick Like” a hot as hell heaving rumbler that fits perfectly between old-school and new, UK and Detroit, house, dubstep, and jungle. Oh hell yeah, it’s that-kind of beast.
And to compliment the original tracks are a suite of remixes from producers around the world that push “Music Takes Me Up” in totally different directions - just like we like it. The collective known as C.R.S.T. from Wales strips the original down and gives it an eerie tech vibe - very deep. Representing Chicago and Ghetto Division comes MaddJazz with his marching snares and UKF flavors with a touch of Bmore. Edu K from Brazil has been heating up the scene lately and here he delivers a sort of double-time minimal joint with piano stabs and scads of swing. And last but most assuredly not least is the epic remix by Philly’s Emynd, a complete flip of the original with a classic Philly soul backbeat and horns-a-plenty.

To celebrate the release, we'd love for you to post the original track @ 320! That's right, no widgets, no passwords- fuck that- just a good old fashioned 320 to post!

Proper Villians - BigTop



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