PROMO -> Dj Konik Morski


Maciej FlaczyƄski (DJ Konik Morski) - guitarist / composer / producer from Poznan, its domain is the creation of interesting, friendly ear harmony; utilizes fingerpicking, natural game, unprocessed sound a hollow body guitar, inspired by jazz, soul, groove and modern club music to create their own compositions. Works with Ewa Nawrot, Kate Wolf (R & B), a team of Fancy Group (Groove / Soul), Reed Vibration (Blues), Zezz Quartet (jazz), '58 Cadillac (jazz), Gentle Jazz Trio (Jazz & Soul) and Artenground project (music lyrics). As a DJ Seahorse type creates electronic music nu jazz, house. Recording his own songs on the album were Kasia Wilk "Unison" (the song "Never Lose This Feeling") and Joy Gospel "Live 2004".