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Hello my name is Mr. Vega, I'm a Electro/House producer/dj from Brooklyn, NY. I wanted to pass you some promo information for my newest single with LA producer ETC!ETC!, "Drop Like A Seizure". It is currently in support by Kissy Sell Out (BBC Radio 1) and was played on his show last week - http://soundcloud.com/mr_vega_music/05-13-10-kissy-sellout-plays-etc-etc-mr-vega-drop-like-a-seizure-on-bbc-radio1. The track wasn't scheduled to release until summer but got such an overwhelming response through emails, radio rip downloads and comments that we moved the release to May 25th for 2 weeks only as an exclusive on Rot10 Musik. In July we will be dropping a full length EP with 4 tracks including "Drop Like A Seizure". So I hope you enjoy the track as much as we do and can help spread the word.

ETC!ETC! & Mr. Vega - Drop Like A Seizure Promo Vid:vimeo.com/11826161



Mr. Vega




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