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“Holy Mountain”

It's rare that music can feel 'new' anymore. But sometimes an artist comes along with an unusual mix of sounds and something bigger happens. We're proud to introduce you to something deep, menacing - and yes - something new.

Talk is Daniel Lewis. His music is an intoxicating mixture of the mystical and guttural elements of strange late night lifestyles. Talk's music is surprisingly cinematic yet, at heart, everything he produces is dark bass-filled club music. With an ear toward dubstep, gutter house, grime and tech-house, Talk is always moving forward. He's constantly presenting audiences with his own atmosphere, constantly on the lookout for seductive new sounds.

The Holy Mountain EP is Talk's debut release and it's pretty challenging. The title track is an epic bass music anthem and an ode to the 1973 psychedelic film by Alejandro Jodorowsky of the same name. "Finland" finds haunting choirs melding together over a percussive backbone, while "Burning Alive" is a dark, artful tech house wasteland of delayed voices and synths. "Walking Disease" finds Talk at work with lazer sitars, cinematic strings and haunting synth stabs; it's a dark journey through dark places.

And then we have the remixes. Hot as hell Distal brings even more heat with his tense organ driven Dubstep remix of Holy Mountain. UK mystery man Skinnz made a skittery garage inspired take on the title track while LA/Canada duo LOL Boys push up the 3Ball Club. Last but most assuredly not least, Deathface gives you a kidney punch with his screaming Dubstep version of Walking Disease to round out the release. ­­­
Talk is also the first of a next generation of producers we’re proud to be working with. Together with Canblaster (he’s next in Nov/Dec), Distal and Magnum, they are a new generation of producers that are pushing the limits in a big way.

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