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Rot10 Musik presents you with“Dont Stop”, the first EP from Brooklyn’s own, Seanie Will. The “Don’t Stop” EP features 3 original mixes with Will’s signature sound. The title track “Don’t Stop” gets you jumpin’ with a catchy vocal that has you poppin’ and shakin’ 2 Live Crew style from start to finish. “Hit Me” is a little more dancey with smooth synths and b-more drums guaranteed to sneak up on the listener with each build up. Then “Wuuaaaa” tops the EP off with some more rave b-more style production, phasing in and out of your ears. Also there is a smashing remix of “Hit Me” by Cobra Krames that switches from dancehall to hip hop then back to dance and another of “Wuuaaaa” by Mr. Vega who turns this banger into a bassy ravey monster for that ecstasy fueled warehouse party.

Seanie Will – Don’t Stop EP
Release date: 4.27.10
Stores: JunoDownload

1. Don’t Stop
2. Hit Me
3. Wuuaaa
4. Hit Me (Cobra Krames Remix)
5. Wuuaaa (Mr. Vega Remix)

Seanie Will - Dont Stop


Seanie Will - Wuuaaa (Mr. Vega Remix)



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